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December Newsletter...

Winter is here now for sure! It's a dramatic change from the extended Fall we had. Leaves off the trees, snow on the ground, yard furniture put away, and gardens cleaned out awaiting next Spring.


My daughter and granddaughter are coming Christmas day for a week. They will be bringing their dog, Charlie, who is the brother to my Neesa, that lives with them in New York City. He comes with them in a case scrunched under the seat on the plane. I look forward to doing things with them and just "hanging out." They want to learn to ski, so we hope to get to Brighton where they make snow if there isn't any.


I will not be in the office starting December 23 until Monday, January 2. If you need to call me for any reason, you can reach me during that period at my home office number or my cell phone.


In this newsletter, you will find some of the free workshops I give at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore. I am also offering a special workshop for couples called "Give Your Relationship a Valentine's Gift" that is scheduled for Sunday, February 12th from 2- 5:30 pm. See description below.


There is also a listing for the two weekend workshops for couples I am offering in the spring, one in March and one in May.


Happy Holidays! As the holidays approach, I hope you, your family, and your friends enjoy the season. Below are a few suggestions about the upcoming holidays. Note: The guidelines below are applicable regardless of the holiday you celebrate.


Bill of Rights for the Holidays


You have the right to take care of yourself: eat right, exercise regularly, and get enough rest.  

You have the right to have mixed emotions: happy, sad, frustrated, guilty, afraid, grateful. 
You have the right to have solitude - for planning, thinking, reflection, introspection, prayer,
and relaxation. 
You have the right not to accept some or all of your party invitations.
You have a right to ask for help and support from friends, family, your church/synagogue/mosque, and/or your therapist, if you have one. 
You have the right to give gifts that are within your holiday budget. 
You have the right to say no to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, and a second piece of pie. 
You have the right not to ride with a drunk driver.
You have the right to take away the keys of a drunk friend or relative who wants to drive,
and to call a taxi. 
You have the right to smile at harassed salesclerks and angry drivers, and to give them a 
peace of your mind.

Enjoy the Holidays!


Sugar Blues by William Duffy


Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? For some people, most of us in fact, the holidays mean lots of food and especially LOTS of desserts.


Most people think there is only sugar in candy and soda; however, sugar is something that has snuck its way into many foods commonly eaten today (it's in simple items like tomato sauce and, interestingly, it's even in cigarettes.) This book gives a great history of sugar and its effects on the body. The dangers of sugar to our body and to society did not begin recently. This book is an entertaining incentive to kick that sugar habit!


Upcoming Workshops


INTRO to Imago Relationship Therapy

based on Getting the Love You Want by Dr. Harville Hendrix


Sunday, January 29 ~ 2-4:30 pm

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore ~ 114 S. Main Street in Ann Arbor



The Imago approach teaches people a new way to share and listen to each other's thoughts and feelings by offering a way to:

  • discover what's beneath your longstanding issues and what you can do differently
  • enhance your ability to communicate well with your partner
  • change your reactive, ineffectual behaviors into a force for compassion, healing, and growth

Carole will demonstrate an approach to talking and listening that helps couples really hear and understand each other, possibly like never before! All kinds of couples and singles welcome!


All participation is by choice and questions and dialogue are welcome.

While free please call or email to register.



Click on the image to be directed to my website for more information.




Alone Together

Why We Expect More from Technology and Less From Each Other


Sunday, March 4 ~ 2-4:30 pm

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore ~ 114 S. Main Street in Ann Arbor



Digital technology is a blessing in so many ways, yet it has its upside and downside. Carole will share some insights and information from Sherry Turkel's book, Alone Together. Come participate in a discussion about her message and concerns. Lets use digital technology with more care, consciousness, and balance.


While free please call or email to register.




Discover a New Way to Love 

A Weekend Workshop for Couples in Ann Arbor


March 23 - 25, 2012 or May 18 - 20, 2012 

Fri. 7pm-10:30 pm, Sat. 8:30 am-8 pm, Sun. 8:30 am-7 pm


Give your relationship a gift this spring... Whether you've been together 6 months, 5, 10, or 30 years, this weekend will offer you new tools and understanding that can help you co-create a closer, stronger coupleship. This workshop is based on the best selling book, Getting the Love You Want, by Dr. Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago relationship therapy.


Check website for more information or call 734.424.2797.  



Boundaries of the Self 

Learn ways to strengthen & regulate your boundaries


Sunday, April 18 ~ 4:30 pm 

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore ~ 114 S. Main Street in Ann Arbor



Our boundary is the invisible protective screen that develops around the self to hold our developing self intact as children. The boundaries provide a sense of security for children and protect their innocence. Later our boundaries determine our sense of self-esteem, our self-confidence, our sense of control over our lives and our personal freedom. With clearly defined boundaries, we know our own thoughts and feelings and, in turn, are able to interpret and regulate our interactions with our world. Boundaries can become blurred through boundary invasion or boundary neglect.




Click here to register for any of these workshops or call 734.424.2797.