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Summer Highlights
Notes from Carole

Summer is my favorite season of the year with Spring and Fall as runners up. Usually, I have a 2-3 tomato plants in my garden. This year I expanded to 15 plants. I'll let you know in my next newsletter if I'm a successful tomato farmer. We took a half share from a Community Supported Agriculture Farm (CSA), so we are eating more locally grown vegetables, particularly more greens than usual and loving it.


I'm taking some vacation time in August. I will be driving to New York with Neesa, my small dog, to visit with my daughter and granddaughter. My daughter and I will spend a few days in the Catskills area before picking up my granddaughter from a Performance Arts Camp. Then back to New York for a few days before driving back home.


I will be away from the office from:

Wed., August 18 through Tues., September 7


If you want to contact me during this time,

please call me at 734.904.4345.

Discover a New Way to Love
A Couples Weekend Workshop

Oct, 1-3, 2010       Ann Arbor area

Fri. 7pm-10:30 pm, Sat. 8:30 am-8pm, Sun. 8:30 am-7pm

  Everyone welcome!


Whether you've been together 6 months, 5, 10, or 30 years, this weekend will offer you new tools and understanding that can help you co-create a closer, stronger coupleship. This workshop is based on the best selling book, Getting the Love You Want, by Dr. Harville Hendrix, founder of Imago relationship therapy. 


Come join a few other couples to discover an improved way to be in loving connection. Imago relationship therapy helps you understand and change some of your relationship dynamics. 


It's an excellent workshop -- a combination of psycho-educational lectures, demonstrations, work in a manual, exercises that you do with your partner, discussions, camaraderie, and fun.


There is more information on my website about the weekend. You will find comments/endorsements by folks who have attended. If you would like a printed brochure, just call or e-mail me with your name and address and I will send you one by mail.


Don't hesitate to call 734.424.2797 with any questions or concerns. 


The summer is racing by, so get the weekend on your calendar now. There is a registration form on my web site. Send to: Carole Kirby, Box 338, Dexter, MI  48130 to reserve a place in the weekend.

See website for more information.

You Tube Video
The Power of Connection

On April 26, 2010, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Hedy Schleifer presented "The Power of Connection" at the TEDxTelAviv Conference. TEDx is a program affiliated with TED, which brings together influential people speaking to a global audience about their passion and about new ideas that make a difference.

Hedy Schleifer is one of my mentors. She has given advanced training workshops for Imago therapists in Southeastern Michigan on several occasions in 90's and in early 2010. She lives in Florida, but travels with her husband, Yumi, all over the globe to train therapists and give workshops for couples. She and Yumi speak several languages. They have trained in South Africa, Australia, Austria, France, and other countries throughout the world. She is an amazing person who has enriched my life and work.             

To listen to Hedy's talk click here.

TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, & Design. The conferences are by invitation only and are held in Northern California. Each speaker has only 20 minutes to present. The presentations are dynamic, interesting, and thought provoking. They have a collection of over 200 presentations from the past years conferences. If you are interested, check out their websites and soak up some of the presentations from previous gatherings. TED's web site that you might want to check out is: TED TALKS.

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