Practice Includes

  • Relationship/couples therapy
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Group therapy for individuals
  • Group therapy for couples
  • Family therapy, especially for adult
    children needing help in resolving
    issues with parents and/or siblings

Lesbian & Gay Issues

  • "Coming out" initially
  • Ongoing "coming out" issues
  • Internalized homophobia
  • Relationship issues
  • Imago therapy for Lesbians & Gays

Workshops Offered

  • Discover a New Way to Love, A Weekend Workshop for Couples (otherwise known as Getting the Love You Want, A Workshop for Couples)
  • Opening Doors to Love, A Workshop for Singles & Individuals based on Keeping the Love You Find
  • Voice Dialogue, Psychology of the Aware Ego
  • Introduction to Imago Therapy
  • The Truth About Love
  • Five Love Languages
  • Supporting Our Children, A Weekend Workshop for Parents and Caregivers. This workshop is sponsored by me, not presented.

Other Areas of Expertise

  • Empowerment & the search for self
  • Life transitions
  • Gender issues
  • Passion & intimacy
  • Handling grief & loss
  • Stepfamilies/remarried families

Couple's Workstation

NEW! The Couple's Workstation
A Place Where Relationships Grow and Flourish

The Couple's Workstation is a place where you can work on your relationship in the privacy of your home by using your computer and the Internet.

While not a substitute for counseling or therapy, it is available to all couples that are interested in understanding and improving their relationship. It can, also, be used by couples who live in an area where there are no Imago therapists.

Using The Couple's Workstation may also be helpful while in therapy as well as a wonderful asset for you as a couple to utilize “after therapy” to keep and expand your newly acquired skills and learning. It is sometimes hard to stay “on course” when you no longer have a coach or guide. The Couple’s Workstation can be your on-going relationship coach.

The Couple's Workstation will give you additional tools to use in your relationship. It will help you know and understand each other better and help you work better with your particular relationship dynamics. The Workstation is an aid to guide couples toward a more conscious, passionate, and gratifying relationship.

To take a tour of the Couple's Workstation, please click on the banner above.

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