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How I Can Help

I help couples & individuals develop safe, loving relationships.

I draw heavily on the theory and practice developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. Their theory explains intimate relationships and their inherent difficulties more accurately than any theory to date. This approach is called Imago relationship therapy. Originally, the theory focused on the dynamics and issues in a couple’s relationship; however, over the past several years, Imago theory has expanded its scope to include singles, individuals, parents, and caregivers as well.

The goal of Imago relationship therapy is to free couples from the power struggle by changing their reactive, defensive behavior into a force for compassion, healing, and growth.

Imago Relationship Therapy will benefit you if you want...

  • greater patience, understanding, and compassion for yourself and your partner
  • an understanding that the unconscious forces that attract you to your partner are also the source of conflict
  • awareness of how to use your relationship for mutual healing and fulfillment
  • new communication skills to break destructive cycles of relating
  • ideas for re-establishing the connection and excitement of your early time together
  • to develop communication skills which break destructive ways of relating
  • to create a mutually satisfying relationship

You will learn how to...

  • get to the root of your problems and dissolve them
  • untangle the power struggle in your relationship
  • talk safely about difficult issues
  • trust each other with sharing your inner hurts and problems
  • turn daily frustrations into vehicles for growth and change
  • harness the energy of conflict to make your relationship stronger
  • move from automatic reaction to deliberate action
  • become your partner's best friend and healer
  • successfully communicate your own desires
  • express your love and appreciation in ways that touch your partner's heart
  • how to create fun, romance, passion, and intimacy
  • appreciate your own as well as your partner's childhood "wounds" (hurts, disappointments, etc.) & use this knowledge to strengthen your relationship

Imago relationship therapy is also for singles who want to...

  • understand past relationships
  • put old hurts to rest
  • break destructive patterns
  • prepare for healthy relating
  • create a loving relationship

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